Friday, February 15, 2008

Flower Sudoku with Flickr

This is the coolest Flickr-related app I've ever seen!

I clicked on the link from our Discover 2.0 blog, and the page that came up defaulted to a Sudoku grid with hamsters on it, so I played around with the button to click to get new pictures and solved that puzzle. Then I decided to try a new tag and chose flowers. This is the puzzle I ended up getting, which I then solved. (I can't figure out how to upload the exact completed puzzle, so this link just takes you to the page where you get a new puzzle. Sorry!) The flowers are gorgeous! The only complaints I have are that you have to stare really hard at the screen, which gives me a headache, and it's harder to keep track of which photos have and have not been used in a square or row than it is to glance and see which numbers have/haven't been used yet. Still, it's fun! And I like that I found a computer game I actually enjoy, which requires no particular hand/eye coordination. :)

I also played around with the Spell with Flickr app. This is what it came up with for Discover 2.0--lovely, no? I like that you can click on an individual letter until it comes up with one you like. Not sure if there's a "back" option on that--I didn't try it yet.

I'm amazed that people figure out how to create these programs. It's certainly nothing I know how to do. Nor would I probably be able to think up an idea of what to create even if I could...and wanted to devote sufficient time to it...which is also unlikely. So hooray for the folks who do!

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