Thursday, March 20, 2008

The meebo learning curve

Whew! Thank goodness for Sam's expertise with this one. (Yea, Sam!) Reading the stuff in the Discover 2.0 blog post on Meebo did not help hardly at all when it came to actually understanding how to use Meebo and insert the widget, I'm sorry to say. It was lovely background & all, but I already knew that Meebo was a way to let you chat with people on a bunch of other chat services all in one place/at one time. What I needed to know was how to do that--whether I had to sign up with a Meebo ID or could just use my existing Gmail ID (turns out yes, I needed a Meebo ID in order to get the widget thing), for example, and step-by-step instructions for installing the widget in this blog. This was the most confusing 2.0 step thus far.

I've been able to spend a little bit of time playing around with it now that I have it, and I think it will be useful. I can see how easy it would be to install the widget on our FVRL webpage for chat reference...although staffing could be problematic. But definitely something to think about for the future.

I like that Meebo gathers various chat IDs in one place so it's easy to see who's online at any given time. I will have to work on finding out which of my friends has a chat ID (or 2) so I can add them as "buddies."

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