Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dealing with

This whole thing makes sense to theory. Sounds great! Love the tagging concept. In reality, however, it's more confusing and difficult to navigate. I tend to ignore it because I can never remember the IS desk password to even see our account tags. And this week when I've been playing around on our account, finding all kinds of great things, I've only barely managed to navigate anywhere on purpose. It seems like I find most things via serendipity, especially since I only just realized you can scroll down forever & ever to view all the listed tags. But so much of the site depends on the tagger & the searcher thinking of the same word(s) to describe the same thing. And I discovered by accident that depending on when a particular link got added (tagged) and where the tagger's brain was that day, not all similar links are grouped under the same tag(s). For example, it took several tries of floundering around within the One Minute Critic link to find all of the videos I'd done--a known quantity--so how can you ever be certain you've found all related items in the event that you don't know how many exist?

And why can you not search within an account's tags? You can search the site as a whole, or the whole web, but not the account. What's up with that?

Bottom line: I think has great potential, but it's nowhere near as useful yet as I would wish it to be for making my daily (work) life easier. Maybe spending more time getting accustomed to it would help. Or maybe it would just frustrate me more. Only one way to find out, I suppose! So onward to the next step in this 2.0 process....

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