Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing around on Facebook & Meebo

Ooooh, telling us to sign up with Facebook (or MySpace) is a dangerous thing! I've become addicted, especially since I rediscovered several long-lost friends from childhood & college. I learned how to upload some photos, post on people's walls, send messages.... I'm still trying to figure out the deal with all these applications you can add. And what is the point of this "poking" thing? Very strange.

Today on Meebo I figured out how to change my buddy icon. Not very personalized yet, but at least it's not the photo of some man I don't recognize. (My first attempt was sort of an accident.) Now I need to start remembering to change my status message when I leave my desk or whatnot. But I like the Firefox Meebo add-on Sara told me about that keeps my buddy list in a side pane within Firefox so I can still get things done online and keep an eye on who's logged in all at the same time. (Thankfully, most of my friends seem to be offline most of the time, thereby reducing the temptation to chat instead of work.)

One thing I find REALLY annoying is how often Facebook is too busy to load. What's up with that? They need to add more servers or something. Drives me crazy when I can't navigate the site or post something and have to keep trying & trying until suddenly it goes through or the page decides it's now in the mood to load. Argh. Still...I keep trying. Addiction is a powerful motivator. Or perhaps Facebook is really some sociology professor's grand experiment? With young adults instead of mice, and computers instead of pushing bars to get the food pellets? Something to think about....

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The Littlest Hillbilly says: said...

Hi Erin, Heather here. Are you saying that I am a rat? Yeah, that's what I thought. I enjoy your blog. It is just another thing to be addicted to. I started one and I try to post about every 3 days or so. Then there is Facebook and Myspace and I just can't help myself. Sad. It is fun to find people you haven't seen or heard from in years. And hey...May is coming up. We need to nail down a date that we can go out and catch up.

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