Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10-Minute Tidy

The 10-Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly The 10-Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly by Shannon McGinnis

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I discovered while reading this book that it turns out I'm more organized than I thought! :)

Yes, I'm a clutter-magnet and still need to work on keeping the stacks of paper & books & magazines, etc., under control. But I already do many of the techniques described in the book, which I must say made me feel much better about myself. And of course, I don't yet have kids, so I merely made some mental notes about organization strategies for the future. (My favorite was to label drawers and bins with both pictures AND words of what's supposed to go in them. Helps kids put their own things away AND helps teach them to read--brilliant!)

It's a quick read. Very short "chapters." Includes some websites of useful things like how to get yourself off junk mail lists and how to sign your phone numbers up on the Do Not Call list, etc. I probably should have jotted some of those down, but, well, it's a library book--I can always check it out again later!

In general I would recommend this book to anyone feeling overwhelmed by clutter who wants tips on how to deal with it in manageable chunks.

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