Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Technorati...nope, not a fan

Sorry, but I do not understand how or why I should be using Technorati. For this section of our Discover 2.0 project we were supposed to watch the video/take the tour & play around with the Percolating & Popular features. Problem is, I can't figure out how to navigate their site without going back to the FVRL Discover 2.0 blog and clicking the links. In other words, I haven't figured out how to go anywhere directly & on purpose. Plus, it's kind of boring. Maybe that's the frustration talking.

I did eventually sort of figure out how to do the Advanced Search to search for "Learning 2.0" in the tags & in the posts. (Got different results with some overlap.) Never figured out how to search the blog directory. Couldn't even find the directory except as it was linked from the blog post that's linked from the FVRL blog. Not useful to me! I did watch that video embedded in the 2006 blog post (the one linked from the FVRL blog). Tiny screen, zooming around doing...I don't even remember what. And it seems like they've changed their interface since the time they made the video, because it looks totally different to me. Or else I was in the wrong spot? I don't know. I seriously doubt I'll be using this in the future. Not unless someone comes up with a better explanation for why or how I should.

Did I just miss something? Something obvious or useful that my brain is too tired to see right now?

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