Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hunter's Moon

Hunter's MoonHunter's Moon by Karen Robards

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Meh. This was due back to the library today, so I picked it up yesterday to see if it was good enough to renew. It's never a good sign when there's an annoying typo on page 3: " the manner [sic] born." Argh! Really? A brand new re-print, and still nobody caught that it should read " the manor born"? *sigh*

I see from the tiny author blurb that she lives in Louisville, KY, and yet on page 59 she begins to refer to Lexington, KY, as a "small but busy city" and a couple of pages later calls it "small, picturesque Lexington." It's the second-largest city in Kentucky, with nearly 300,000 people. Just how snobby ARE people from Louisville? Yeah, 300,000 isn't like New York or Chicago, but it's not what I'd call small either.

Those two annoyances plus a not very exciting plot or likeable/believable characters = I'm returning the book without finishing it. Maybe it gets better later on. I have enjoyed Robards' books in the past. But I have way too many other books waiting for my attention right now to finish this one.

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