Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing around

I'm on vacation this week and so am playing around.  Yes, I should be organizing the office & the garage.  And doing yard work.  But it's rainy at the moment, and I've not mustered the willpower yet.  So I'm playing on my computer, tinkering with the design of my blog.  What do you think?  Better?  Worse?  I also liked the design in the "Simple" template section that had sort of a circular pattern in a darker (blue) color than the header.  But I chose this one because of the bookshelves, which seemed appropriate, and I could get the header to be a periwinkle color, which also seemed appropriate.  Can't quite get the same shade for the footers, but I'm still working on that.  Anyway--what are your thoughts?  (And please be kind!)  ☺ Thanks!

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