Friday, September 13, 2013

Kiss and Spell

Kiss and Spell (Enchanted, Inc., #7)Kiss and Spell by Shanna Swendson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love how Shanna Swendson continues to keep this series so entertaining by tweaking what happens with the main characters' magical lives--i.e. in this volume granting Katie magical powers she's never had before. In the previous book, Owen had to cope with magical immunity for the first time ever. It gives Swendson a chance to play "what if" with her characters, to discover how they would react, adapt, and work together.

In book #7, Katie is delighted to spend her days receiving private magic lessons from Owen & Rod. The secrecy isn't terribly fun, but she gets to experience life as a magical being. Soon she realizes that something odd is happening at the office, but before they can get to the bottom of the mystery, she wakes up in an alternate New York City, where she works at a coffee shop in a bookstore that Owen has just purchased. Only the occasional memory flash pokes Katie to wonder if something just might be awry. Some folks just seem so familiar, though....

My favorite thing about this volume in the Enchanted, Inc., series is that Katie and Owen finally get a chance to go on real dates and actually deepen their relationship. They finally have a chance to build a more solid foundation, to learn more about each other, and to confirm that no matter the reality, they really are meant to be a couple. It's the much-needed eye of the storm. But don't worry--the fast-paced action returns quickly.

For readers' advisors: story and character doorways, setting is secondary. No sex, and I don't remember any bad language.

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